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All about Syldem Company

Your health and wellness company
About Us

Syldem Company Ltd

Syldem Company Limited, is a health and , wellness company that deals , in dietery Supplement for a good lifestyle.

Syldem noni products are well processed under hygienic condition and approved by FDA:

Syldem 100% Pure, Organic Noni Fruit Juice is made from ripe, whole Noni fruit that is grown within the mineral rich, virgin soil of Ho, in the Volta Region from our farm direct to you! We also produce other products such as soaps, oils, teabags, gels amongst others.

Where from Noni Fruit?: Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is a small evergreen tree typically found in Polynesia Island and Hawaiian Islands. It grows best in tropical areas.The Noni fruit is taken from the plant and normally consumed as a juice.

We are your health and wellness company .

Benefits of Noni

  • Effective in curing gout
  • Boost immunie system
  • Provides relief from arthritis
  • Helps maintain healthy heart
  • Rich in anti-oxidants properties
  • Aids in reducing risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Stimulates release of digestive enzymes
  • Helps to prevent cerebral ischemic stress
  • Effective in speeding up the healing of wounds
  • Helps improve cerebral blood flow and memory functions
  • Effective in protecting against cancer and liver diseases
  • Provides relief from muscle spasms and soothes associated pain and discomfort
  • Helps in enhancing, elasticity and overall physical performance of body.