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Noni fruit pruning of trees and harvesting

Noni fruit pruning of trees and harvesting procedures.
When during the year can noni fruits be harvested? In Ghana, noni fruits are harvested year round, although there are seasonal trends in the amount of flowering and fruit production that may be affected or modified by the weather and by fertilizer and irrigation. Fruit production may diminish somewhat during the winter months in Hawaii. A given noni field is usually harvested from 2-3 times per month.
What are the expected yields for noni plants? The following estimates for the potential yield of noni plants are based on a series of assumptions. Please be aware that many factors may diminish yields. Nonetheless, the following estimates are achievable with good farm management and excellent growing conditions.
Yield assumptions: Plant population: 290 plants per acre; good soil fertility and drainage; good water supply; adequate disease, pest and weed control; adequate fertilizer plan (e.g., 6 lbs of 10-20-20 per plant per year).